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I have a bachelor's degree in finance and banking. I have been trading forex for years, which has given me expertise in working with foreign currencies, commodities, and indices. As a result, I am knowledgeable about forex and trading. Furthermore, I have expanded my expertise In the past three years and begun my writing career to provide readers with the best possible educational articles and market technical and fundamental analysis.

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Strategies You Can Apply to Take Advantage of
Market Trends


How To Determine Market Trends and
Use Them to Your Advantage

The Biggest Losers and The Biggest Winners
from the Fed's Interest Rate Hikes

The prior week in the market was as hot as our summers
have been in recent years. Surely, this was not due to climate
change, but rather the Fed's Wednesday announcement
of an interest rate hike

Double Top and Double Bottom Patterns

Everything you need to know about double top
and double bottom patterns and the way to make money
from trading them

How Did the Market Respond to the Fed's
Announcement of a Historic Rate Hike?

The Federal Reserve spiked interest rates by 0.75 at its
Wednesday meeting. The spike was the biggest rate hike since
1994, as another step from the Fed in to combat high inflation
in the US, which is running at 40 years high.

Gold Weekly Outlook

Gold Weekly Prediction: XAU/USD bouncing back as expectations....

Where is Inflation Headed?
Is there a Glimmer of Hope at the End of this Tunnel?

Inflation affects everyone’s pocketbook, and no one is safe from its consequences.

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